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Mikaela & Callum's Wedding At Maleny Manor

"I want a love that gives me Fireworks, not butterflies."

When you picture your dream wedding, what does it look like to you? Does it include a champagne tower, mountain views, or a first dance under a Pavilion with fireworks?

Well that was Mikaela & Callum's dream wedding and it all came to life. Their whole wedding took place at the gorgeous Maleny Manor. They decided to have their ceremony on the grass area and it was just amazing to watch the clouds in the sky bypass the their ceremony, and I truly believe it was the universe making sure that this deserving couple got their dream wedding.

he outdoor wedding ceremony was truly incredible. Mikaela walked in with her father while Callum waited for the love of his life. With the help of Lovebird Weddings & Mondo Flowers, the aesthetic of dark wooden features and pink and nude florals was tailored to perfection!

The most emotional moment of their wedding was their vows. The couple shared, “They have spent weeks and hours thinking about what they wanted to say.”

The venue’s settings were truly captivating, with music being played in the background by Between the Covers Duo. The couple felt on top of the world while saying I do to one another, in the best way possible, by having fun and being truly authentic.

It is so important to choose vendors who bring the vibe to your wedding day and they did exactly that. The vendors that worked directly with the couple on the day brought so much energy and fun. This included their fabulous photographer Tay from Tay & Francis and Paul from My Film Australia.

They then moved indoors for the reception where I hosted the evening as the MC. Mikaela & Callum did not shy away from the details from the photobooth to an LED sign that


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